PMP HeadFirst CH2

Ch 2. Organizations, constrains, and projects

 Organizations: Functional -> Weak Matrix -> Balanced Matrix -> Strong Matrix -> Projected

 Operational Work: Which has no beginning and has no end.

 Stackholders are impacted by your project.

 A stackholder is anyone who is affected either positively or negatively by the cost, time, scope, resources, quality, or risk of your project.

 It's possible to "turn around" a negative stackholder.

 Project constrains: Time , Cost, Scope, Resources, Quality, Risk

 All six of the constrains are related to each other.

 There is almost never an easy, obvious trade-off where you can sacrifice one to improve the others.

 A portfolio charter will give the business goal that a group of projects and programs will accomplish as part of a portfolio.

 A program is a group of projects that should be managed together because of interdependencies.